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greg vos
Going for flight test
Going for flight test
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Re: New Section Request for Powerplants

Post by greg vos » Mon Jul 06, 2015 8:48 am

fransstrydom wrote:Greg,
the aeroclub and SAGPA electorate do not get paid and as far as i know they work there voluntarily.These are people that have day jobs etc,and therefore their time is limited.They will take the road of least resistance,not a good situation
Since the inception of ARO'S the game has changed.What is supposed to be happening is that the ARO'S should now stand up and regulate their own domains.They should be making and changing laws,not the CAA.This is not happening,laws are still the baby of the CAA,and SAGPA is stil concerning themselves with the expiry date of the rennies in your first aid kit.
Tomorow we start as if there is no legislation for NTCA aircraft
We have a blank sheet but we want to create new laws,for some reason we feel a need for it.
The ARO'S now consult their members as to what to do.Now there are some basic things on which we all will agree.
1)You will have a valid pilots license
2)You will have a valid medical
The members will discuss this and eventually new laws will be put in place,.with the approval of CAA.Not the way the ANC does it,they implement a law and then see what sort of reaction they get,recently displayed with the transponder issue.Now it is a battle to undo,and yes,thank you Aeroclub.
If it was the intention with the ARO'S that we regulate ourselves we must make the laws,else they could have left the system as it was,and then SAGPA as an ARO has no power.
It would be interesting to hold a pole on this and see how the members feel about it.
I find it extremely difficult to express myself correctly about this without looking like an idiot.Bear with me please.
Francois Strydom
Frans you go man! we need blood and fwd thinking dont worry about expression and perfect grammar you have my vote, I am watching this topic as eagerly as i watch the currencies every hour.

Had a leka chat with your dad the other night vhpy

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