Misasa, the year ahead 2013

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Misasa, the year ahead 2013

Postby Bundy » Fri Oct 19, 2012 6:05 am

Good Morning to all our members.

With the AGM done and dusted, I feel that as we have had in previous years, the 2013 Misasa Committee is a strong one. We all look forward to serving the interests of our members in the year to come. Just to remind you, the 2013 Committee is as follows:

2013 Committee.

o Chairman: To coordinate and lead the committee. Interface with other stakeholders
in the promotion of standards and systems within AeroClub – Herman Dormehl.
o Technology: To engage in the development in technology for the enhancement of
safety – Herman Dormehl.
o Treasurer: Financial management. Establish and maintain a budget – Brett Hickman.
o PRO, (internal): Communication within the MISASA community – John Boucher.
o PRO, (external): External Communications and Magazine advertising – AlanHussey.
o Events: To Promote flying events within all aero communities – Donald Hicks.
o Training & Licensing: To co-ordinate and support standards and communication
between schools - Nico Willemse.
o Technical : ARO maintenance. Promote and engage sections in AP enhancement
and development Rowena Kraidy.
o Competitions: Promoting SA Pilots for regional and national competitions – Mervyn
Reynolds with Hendrik Loots as his Shadow.

o Safety: Coordination and liaison with the CAA and membership on all safety related
issues. Alex Rudd with Henri van den Berg as his Shadow.
o Publications: Web/Print & Video - Maintaining an open conversation with
stakeholders. Alan Mackenzie plus as Microflight Africa’s Editor with Marius Nel as his deputy re the production of the “Flying African Skies” video media.
o Magazine Editor: Co coordinating and managing the publication of four magazines,
the website etc.

The most notable change is of couse at the helm. We thank Donald Hicks for his contribution to Misasa over the last few years, and he remains a very valued Committee member for 2013. Mr Herman Dormeyl will take us forward as our new Chair, and we look forward to working with him.

We face a lot of challenges in the year ahead. Our on going battle with the AeCSA for proper service delivery remains our primary objective and you can be assured that we will not stop untill we get what we've asked for. So many of the complaints we recieve every month in terms of the magazine not being recieved etc etc will be resolved by simply getting AeCSA to acknowelege that their admin processes are flawed and a proper plan needs to be put into action urgently. Enough is enough, no more excuses, we want results! (I have already been practising my toi toi) :wink:

Following the success of the 2012 Tedderfield Shootout, we are all looking forward to the 2013 event, which promises to be bigger and better than the last one. It remains a brilliant focal point for our industry, where pilots and manufacturers can meet up and learn. I for one would not miss it for the world. (^^) This year we had in excess of 500 people and 140 aircraft...a number that put a smile on everyone's faces. vhpy Long may the success of the the Shootout continue.

Non compliance with the law in terms of ATF's not being maintained, renewals not done etc, remains a big problem. Most of these stem from pilots based in outlying areas which are far from the services of an AP. Please contact us if you fall into this category. We understand that it can sometimes be almost impossible to get an AP to travel the distance but we are greatly concerned that this results in pilots not being compliant and inevitably breaking the law. Come and talk to us. Let's find some tangible solutions and perhaps we can find a way to get an AP to you. Donald Hicks touched on this subject in the last Magazine.

Your committee is as ever, here to represent you. We are ordinary pilots, just like you, and we love to fly. We encourage the membership to become more involved with the administration of our sport. We will publish feedback from the meetings, both in the mag as well as here. We remain open to suggestions and we welcome your comments. Please feel free to contact me or John Boucher should you have something you need assistance with. Unlike other organisations, we regularly interact on the forum, and we help where we can. You can reach me on.

Oh Seven 2 Eight 23 234 one
or: husseyam@absamail.co.za

Here's to what we hope will be a most successful and safe flying year ahead. (^^)

Kind Regards on behalf of the 2013 Misasa Committee.
Alan "Bundy" Hussey
ZU DBP "The Beautiful Dawn"
(Find us on Facebook..... "Tailwinds @ Microland")
"Flying is not about hours, it's about Attitude!"
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Re: Misasa, the year ahead 2013

Postby Dish » Fri Oct 19, 2012 7:14 am

Thanks Al,

Just a note to thank all the lads who dedicate so much time and energy on our behalf, it is appreciated. For those "outgoing" thanks for your contributions and effort, to the incoming, good luck for the following year...

All things being equal and according to Al, we won't really be needing you after December LOL, :) :)

In all seriousness, thanks lads, it's a thankless job and we do appreciate what you do for us.


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