Draft MISASA AGM Minutes

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Draft MISASA AGM Minutes

Postby alanmack » Sat Oct 13, 2012 6:42 pm

¬¬¬¬¬Draft Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
Held at Kitty Hawk on 13th October 2012 at 07:30

Chairman: Donald Hicks

Apologies: Rowena Kraidy, Roy Gregson, Mark Gregson, John Boucher, Rob McFie and Neil de Lange

Treasurer Brett Hickman
PRO Internal John Boucher (Absent)
PRO External Alan Hussey
Development Blog Roy Gregson (Absent)
Events & Calendar Andrew Strydom (Absent)
World Champs Rob McFie (Absent )
Training & Licensing Mark Gregson (Absent)
Legislative Braam Hechter (Absent)
Technology Herman Dormehl
Technical Rowena Kraidy (Absent)
Competitions Mervyn Reynolds
Safety Alex Rudd
Publications Alan Mackenzie
Other Nico Willemse
Non Office Bearers Buki van Niekerk, Anthony Hugo, Thinus van, Reenan, Johan Welman, Ben Snyman, Paul Mulder, Jaco Brits, Henri van den Berg, Hendrik Loots and Theunis Botha

Call to order
Welcome and Attendance Register
The Chairman opened the meeting with a message of welcome to all. It was noted that the weather precluded flight and that many were at various airfields waiting for the weather to lift. To all those that tried, their efforts were acknowledged and they were thanked for trying to fly in.

Open matters

• 2012 Committee Reports
Aero Club. Donald H discussed what he termed the “unfortunate truth” about our relationship with the Aero Club. The various instances of no or poor service and the indicators of a lack of support for MISASA were tabled for review and discussion. The option of breaking away from the Aero Club completely was discussed and it was decided that the strategy of taking our grievances to the Aero Club Board on a formal and informal basis had been fruitless. It was noted that the last Aero Club AGM had passed a resolution to table a business plan with an enabling budget for the delivery of required services to the membership. Sadly this direct requirement of the executive by the members in general meeting has been ignored. It was resolved to give notice to the Aero Club at the AGM of the dissatisfaction of MISASA with the services of the executive management of the Aero Club and to propose four additional members for election to the Board of the Aero Club at the 2013 AGM. In addition it was resolved to appoint a lawyer to investigate the requirements for the calling of a special Aero Club meeting to discuss their non-performance. It was resolved to promote the attendance of the membership at the AGM and to publically engage the Aero Club on matters relating to their consistent non-delivery of the required services to MISASA. The members accepted the nominations of Mervyn Reynolds, Donald Hicks, Henri van den Berg and John Boucher who agreed to stand for election to the Aero Club Board at the 2013 AGM and it was resolved to take legal council on this matter so as to ensure compliance with the Articles of Association of the Aero Club.

Fundi System. It was noted that we had gone on record with our reservations about the Fundi system and that despite our warnings and co-operation in agreeing to participate that the system had been a failure. It was resolved to not accept the Aero Club as having the competence via the Fundi system of managing our membership database and to not accept their credentials in being competent to manage our annual membership fees. It was resolved to appoint a part-time paid administrative assistant to the Treasurer who would be charged with maintaining the membership database and with subscription revenue collection. It was further resolved that the Treasurer charge the Aero Club an equitable administration fee should they wish to have our assistant manage their subscription revenue collection.

Tedderfield. This 2012 event was agreed to have been a resounding success and Alan M was urged to co-ordinate the 2013 Tedderfield Shootout to meet his expanded aspirations for the day.

AAD: The meeting received the report back on the event including the report on the Aero Club’s poor management of the setup arrangements. Alex R and Andrew Pappas were thanked for their contribution to MISASA at the event.
Treasurer: Brett H discussed the financial reports and took questions. The Chairman advised those in attendance that during his office the decision had been taken to utilise accumulated funds rather than to pursue a policy of fund accumulation. Brett H advised that he was busy investigating the implementation of a debit order system. The meeting was advised that a 2013 MISASA subscription of R350 was proposed and this was accepted. The meeting was advised that there were 745 members given as paid up and a further 57 on hold plus 117 unpaid members per the Aero Club. In addition there were approximately 293 that had paid outside of the Aero Club’s Fundi system. It was noted that the membership was thus some 1,000 plus pilots and that this meant that an increase of some 50% in membership numbers was not unrealistic.

PRO Internal: John B was not able to attend and on his behalf the meeting was advised that the membership had not grown to the extent anticipated. John was available for questions via Skype and he was thanked for his contribution. Alan M advised that John B had commenced with work on the 2013 Tedderfield event.

PRO External: Alan H advised that his major contribution had been in assisting with the Tedderfield event and that in the year ahead he anticipated being in a position to deliver an increased service on behalf of the membership.

Development Blog: There was no report available and the committee was not in a position to report on services delivered.

Events & Calendar: There was no report available and the committee was not in a position to report on services delivered.

World Champs: There was no report available and the committee was not in a position to report on services delivered.

Training & Licensing: There was no report available and the committee was not in a position to report on services delivered.

Legislative: There was no report available and the committee was not in a position to report on services delivered.

Technology: Herman D reported at length on the progress being made with his portfolio.

Technical: The meeting was advised that Rowena K had represented MISASA at the appropriate forums during the year and that she had ensured the renewal of the ARO. The meeting acknowledged and thanked her for her contribution.
Competitions: Mervyn R outlined the issues that caused the last minute cancellation of the “Nationals” and the meeting discussed the need to promote competitions at a grass roots club level. He further advised that he would submit a national calendar of competition events for the year ahead by the end of next month and that he would prepare an article on competition flying for the next magazine.

Safety: Alex R presented a detailed statistical review of the reported accident and incident statistics. The report will be made available to the membership on the MISASA website.


Print. Alan M reported that as “Magazine Editor” it was increasingly difficult to generate content for a magazine. This said he reported that two magazines had been printed thus far with the latest issue having been ready for distribution for some time but that postage had been delayed due to the inadequacy of the mailing addresses received from the Aero Club’s systems. It was reported that RAASA had been verifying our membership database against their records and that the magazine was expected to be posted in the week ahead. RAASA was thanked for their assistance. The meeting was advised that a 100 plus paged magazine would be issued next month and that this would double up as a programme for the 2013 Tedderfield Shootout. The meeting was advised that marketing for the event at Tedderfield had commenced and that new exhibitors such as the Cirrus Aircraft would be on display at Tedderfield on the 9th of February 2013.

Website. The meeting was advised that the website had met expectations for it to be our notice board and that we would continue to promote “Microlighters” as the chat forum of choice to the membership.

Video. The DVD “Flying African Skies” had not been issued this year due to a lack of content having been made available by the membership. Alan M advised that given his re-election he would appoint Marius Nel to assist him with this portfolio and that he would request Marius to present a budget for creating a video introduction to MISASA, an introduction to competition flying and other videos that would be of use to the members and aspirant members.

Badge. Alan M presented his motivation for MISASA to have a flexible badge policy that would retain the current “wings” badge, with or without other lettering such as the addition of the word PILOT and that the “ Shield “ without the wings be approved as an official alternate design for use where appropriate. This was approved.

MISASA “Wally.” Alan M advised that he had commenced with the research of the utilisation and customisation of the vehicle tracking device designed by Herman D some 6 years ago. He advised that the unit was now suitable for accreditation as a search and rescue tracking device. The meeting approved the accreditation of the devise and the branding thereof as the MISASA WALLY and that it be made available to members at an introductory price of R2 350 per unit. Alan M explained that the acquisition thereof was completely voluntary and that the term “Wally” was gleaned from the series of children’s books that ran the theme of finding the character “Wally” within pages that disguised the positioning of “Wally.”

• 2013 Committee.

The meeting accepted the following nominated representatives to the 2013 committee:

o Chairman: To coordinate and lead the committee. Interface with other stakeholders in the promotion of standards and systems within AeroClub – Herman Dormehl.
o Technology: To engage in the development in technology for the enhancement of safety – Herman Dormehl.
o Treasurer: Financial management. Establish and maintain a budget – Brett Hickman.
o PRO, (internal): Communication within the MISASA community – John Boucher.
o PRO, (external): External Communications and Magazine advertising – Alan Hussey.
o Events: To Promote flying events within all aero communities – Donald Hicks.
o Training & Licensing: To co-ordinate and support standards and communication between schools - Nico Willemse.
o Technical : ARO maintenance. Promote and engage sections in AP enhancement and development Rowena Kraidy.
o Competitions: Promoting SA Pilots for regional and national competitions – Mervyn Reynolds with Hendrik Loots as his Shadow.
o Safety: Coordination and liaison with the CAA and membership on all safety related issues. Alex Rudd with Henri van den Berg as his Shadow.
o Publications: Web/Print & Video - Maintaining an open conversation with stakeholders. Alan Mackenzie plus as Microflight Africa’s Editor with Marius Nel as his deputy re the production of the “Flying African Skies” video media.
o Magazine Editor: Co coordinating and managing the publication of four magazines, the website etc.

There being no further business to discuss the outgoing Chairman, Donald Hicks thanked Alan H for organizing the AGM at Kitty Hawk and he then handed over the closure of the meeting to the new Chairman, Herman Dormehl who declared the meeting closed at 10h07.
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