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Postby John Boucher » Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:31 am

Statement to Recreational Pilots - supported by MISASA, SAGPA and EAA.

Three Seperate Microlight Accidents in the first few weeks of 2012 - ALL INTO POWER LINES

Five (5) Injuries – One(1) serious, Three(3) critical, One(1) Fatal. Although every accident will be thoroughly investigated and the claims or reasons given for the accidents be verified, all reports or incident involving of low flying WILL be investigated.

Kindly take note of the fact that it is an offence to fly below 500ft AGL away from a build up area or an open air assembly of persons without being a nuisance or danger to persons or property. It is also an offence to fly over a built up area with a NTCA aircraft, unless for the purposes of taking off and landing, or Any flight over a built up area shall remain no less than 1000 ft above the highest point of such area, or Any repeated overflights of a built area shall remain no less than 3000 ft above the highest point of such area. Flying into power lines is clearly flying lower than such minimums require, damaging power lines also constitutes a nuisance and danger to property and persons. In view of these continued and reoccurring accidents further enforcement/legal action is being contemplated against any person not complying with the Civil Aviation Regulations.

All persons are urged to report low flying or any other contravention of the Regulations, you could save a life!. Reports can be made confidentially or by way of affidavit or CAHRS to either the SACAA or to RAASA. These will be investigated by the SACAA Enforcement department. Reports can be made by visiting the SACAA website at www.caa.co.za for the appropriate form, alternatively, to www.raasa.co.za. These can also be e-mailed to RAASA on pierre@raasa.co.za Please assist us in improving flight safety!
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