What to know when buying a Gyro

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Whats the right frequency?
Whats the right frequency?
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What to know when buying a Gyro

Postby Condor » Thu Jun 12, 2014 11:13 am

As requested Mak.

To all readers, refer to the contents of the Nic Prinsloo saga until this post is functional.
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Re: What to know when buying a Gyro

Postby Rampant Rat » Tue Jun 17, 2014 12:54 pm

Heheheheheh. Interesting stuff on the other post! Yes, if you want to buy a gyro make sure you know what you are buying or get the Vaseline out for a serious lesson in asset selection....
One poster even boasted that he had many happy hours flying a Sycamore with an illegal 33ft rotor. I think I must have been the idiot who bought it from him, and it took me many diniero's and 3 years to get it into the air! It happened because I didn't even know what a Gyro was, never mind a log book or TCU printout. First time buyers beware, take somebody with you who is an Agent or AP. And just like second hand car salesmen, if the person selling the Gyro is wearing white shoes, don't believe a word he says! (Apologies to any honest car salesmen who don't wear white shoes)
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Flying low - mind the power lines
Flying low - mind the power lines
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Re: What to know when buying a Gyro

Postby FLYNOTE » Sun Jun 22, 2014 9:08 am

Hey guys! i have once again been out of circulation for some time and really missed the banter on the forum. I see posts are few and far between. We need a big event or something newsworthy or chatworthy to light the fires. Maybe the Botswana airshow next month? I believe 12 of us so far going?
i was saddend to read about Nic Prinsloo. I have dealt with him on only one occation and found my dealings with him above board, ethical and very satisfactory. My friend Vic Venter also sold his M 24 through Nic after unsuccessfully trying to do so on his own. I am sad to hear the ' negative reviews' and am surprised that Nic does not post his side of the story. He has been in this game for many years as have many other aircraft dealers out there at NAC, Commair, Foster Air, investment Aircraft and so many I have had contact and dealings with over many years since buying my first aircraft in 1989. Surely you do not stay in business for so long if you are in it for all the wrong reasons? Maybe I am just being naive. Forgive me.
Hope you are all still enjoying your gyros. Wonderful flying weather lately for us up North. Blue skies, crisp mornings, windless days. Loving the Calidus. Go well all! (^^)
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Re: What to know when buying a Gyro

Postby fstrydom » Sun Jun 22, 2014 9:47 am

Richard,Seems like i cannot contact you via PM.Your cell.no.pse.
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Re: What to know when buying a Gyro

Postby Gyronaut » Mon Jul 18, 2016 10:42 pm

Where can I find Gerhard Roux's checklist of things to be aware of when buying a Gyro?
(Besides Nick Prinsloo :-)



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