Aurora Airfield

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Aurora Airfield

Postby gertcoetzee » Tue May 17, 2016 2:26 pm

Aurora Airfield (near Piketberg) airfield is serviceable again.

Over the past two years it has gone to the dogs, but Bergriver Municipality arranged for it to be scraped. It remains to be seen what will happen after the first rains, but I will attempt to maintain it.

Coordinates : 32°42'50.09"S 18°29'2.63"E
It is 682m in length, a dirt runway and runs N-S. If there is a easterly wind rotors might make the approach from the east bumpy, but once within a mile of the runway things settle down.

It is on the southerly tip of town, so plan your approach to limit annoying the residents. I do a "sort of" right hand circuit for northerly and a "as I feel" circuit for a southerly landing.

During the week, and sometimes on Saturdays talk to Langebaanweg (122.5), else 122.5 above 1500ft and 124.8 below (although I normally monitor both).

Alternate runway 32°39'36.83"S 18°22'58.77"E 1.2km in length, good condition, 11m from Aurora.

Within reach of Morningstar, Saldanha and Fisantekraal.

I am there on alternate weekends and if I am there, will drive down to welcome you and offer you some coffee.

No fuel in town, but I normally have a couple of spare jerrys.
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Re: Aurora Airfield

Postby jnel » Sat Jun 04, 2016 9:49 pm

I added Aurora to the aerodex library

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