AP's workmanship (moan)

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greg vos
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Going for flight test
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AP's workmanship (moan)

Postby greg vos » Tue Jun 07, 2016 2:52 pm

On the Gyro thread I have mentioned my desire to build a decent panel for the Xenon.
On inspection this morning during ‘fiddling time I decided to investigate exactly how this so called low hour aircraft we purchased has been maintained or built? The craft had 154 Hours on when we decided to purchase it, the seller said its been exceptionally well maintained?? By what a baboon? :evil:

I am alarmed in the workmanship :shock:

Below are some pictures that support my dissatisfaction with some of the AP’s we have in the gyro world not going to mention names but will just point out why I don’t like it when they fiddle, IMO the gyro technicians are a bit ‘lax’ and I am not a AP, but Im a man who has pride in my work and I believe if we do something lets do it right, how this aircraft managed to maintain its RTS and airworthy state is a mystery or the AP’ and previous owner are simply clueless?
The problem is that many gyro pilots I have met (and instructors are just as clueless when it comes to technical basics) and rely on these so called AP’s to keep them safe in the air :!: :!:
I have now decided that this gyro will now be rebuilt completely - every nut every bolt every part complete re wire because the more I look the more I realise that at 2000Ft we don’t want to think that the person who worked on the aircraft was having a detail day.
Now the guys who have invested say 1.3 – 1,8 Million in a new Gyro be aware that this is the same breed who will be working on your new machine? Yet your Lexus or Porsche that can stop on roadside if it encounters a problem is worked on by qualified and factory trained and approved technicians. Yet you put your life at risk in your Gyro and accept some of the things im going to reveal below [0*
Im not having a dig at any person specifically but place on record I have met over 8 AP’s and Im not impressed, and yet the CAA and RAASA want us to believe they are the best people for the job because they attend a two day conference! and get a certificate of attendance :oops: yet have issues if a person as myself wants to tear down and rebuild a Rotax??

See how the wires are just lose around the main electronics sender and can easy chafe through with vibration? rendering all the inflight instruments useless :? This is poor installation and so easy to have done correctly with basic knowledge!

What is the use of blade fuses in the center console ?? behind the entire crows nest and control panel? bad design and not well thought out :!: love the wiring done by a man who knows cable and reticulation work :shock: lets not think it could rub against the case of the Radio or other equipment during flight?

The oil overflow and breather? two pipes showed into a cloth sleave and cabled tied together??? have the AP's not heard of Festo? or did it leave Poland like this? and if so why was it simply not attended to at first service :?: saving the craft from having the entire engine suppression foam from becoming saturated :evil:

The best one yet! the fuel pressure sensor after tracing out...its not even connected :evil: yet the aircraft registers fuel pressure on the display??? how was this overlooked at its first service and annual inspection? or how did the previous owner fly the machine without having a clue as to fuel pressure? boy im not sure I look happy in this pic, just happy that i have the basic knowledge to fix it all.

Safety is a 360 degree issue, its pointless being a safe Pilot at 2000ft, it starts with a reasonable knowledge and knowing your aircraft is safe and that it will last the 100 hours between annual inspections, many Pilots trust their AP' and rightly so, We rely on them to report and repair any issues at that all important MPI?

Got to love this one :twisted: boat cct breakers supplied from the factory...real quality stuff vhpy I can now start to appreciate why NTCA gets bad reputation and that the authorities are not fond of our passion for cheap aviation, but its workmanship and design like this we dont see in TCA.

Passed radio course
Passed radio course
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Re: AP's workmanship (moan)

Postby gyropilot » Tue Jun 07, 2016 6:26 pm

shocking workmanship!

just goes to show - you can't trust anyone but yourself!

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