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Android for Aviators

Postby ninelima » Thu Dec 14, 2017 4:49 pm

Kwik EFIS - Current Release 3.10
Due to a common request and with some help from the XCSoar project, I have implemented a High Contrast themes for the Kwik EFIS suite.

Image Image

It should improve the screen readability in direct sunlight on some Android devices. This release also has the fully terrain aware DMAP. YELLOW indicate less then 1000ft and RED less then 100ft. Use the simulator to play around with the application and get a feel for how this works.

Auto Zoom is also now also finally functional and is enabled with a horizontal swipe. Zooming IN and OUT (with a vertical swipe) disables auto zoom.

Data Pacs
The initial data pac for South America, Panama to Argentina, (data.pan.arg) has finally been released. It should be available on F-Droid in a few days. Check

Work In Progress
Work is currently underway to port the Kwik EFIS to an E-Ink readers (Kobo etc). This is however still a ways off from public release. In the mean time, please do have a look at XCSoar. While it is intended mainly for our gliding brethren, it is nevertheless an awesome piece of work.

Download Details
I develop and maintain a small suite of aviation related of Android applications named Kwik EFIS.
It is distributed under a Free and Open Source (FOSS) license in the hope that it would be useful to fellow flyer's.

The Current work in progress candidates (unsigned) are always available, from:

All artifacts of Kwik EFIS are also released to F-Droid for FOSS certification, signing and distribution.

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