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Free Flights for Friends

Postby alanmack » Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:56 am

Mmm... so Numbi fever has you all licking your lips for Nico's chops. Take it from me Limpopo chops need no spices added - it has to do with the wood. One stick of Marula bush, one stick of Boabab, one stick of.... and you thought that a potjie recipe was complex....

Now here is the thing - how many of you would like to fly to Mpumalanga and stop off for a 5 star breakfast at a very exclusive lodge?

Pilots will know this is an awesome offer - here is the catch - it has to be a lucky draw because there are only 3 options available before Xmas - of course it is all free - the plane is new - the pilot is the distributor of the plane - and.....

you can put the name of a friend in the pot for the draw.....

so do you want to know more?
I have now joined the ranks of wannabe pilots!

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