Thank you for good service RAASA, PostNet, Warbirds

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I hate bird strikes
I hate bird strikes
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Thank you for good service RAASA, PostNet, Warbirds

Postby thys bas » Sun Jun 25, 2017 9:59 pm

Great service from these people, thank you! =D>

I handed my paperwork for renewal of Authority to Fly (ATF) in at PostNet Silverton in Preoria in at midday on Wednesday 21 June and received the new ATF on Saturday 24 June, same place. Three days only! RAASA received it on Friday, and without any pressure from our side processed it and returned it same day! Thank you Wezzy, superb service (^^) (!!)

It goes without saying that one's paperwork has to be in order. And for it to be in order, one's AP has to be on the ball. Johan Lok sorted our aircraft and paperwork out, nothing was out of place, dankie Johan.

As for RAASA, once they are absorbed into SACAA, this fast service will probably disappear. Not because SACAA is not good enough, but because they have created so much work for themselves that they are buried in paper. The NTC-Aircraft accounts for more than 60% of the aircraft on the register if I am not mistaken, how on earth are they going to cope? Perhaps it is just another nail in the coffin of GA?

RAASA is doing a good job, just fix few things here and there which does not appeal to CAA and keep RAASA, easy! Eish ##

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