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Re: THE MICROLAND THREAD..."Home of the Tailwinds"

Postby NickSwardt » Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:48 am

Microland Tailwinds Christmas party final arrangements vhpy

Hi All

Thank you so much for everybody contributing and attending this event.
It is going to be great.

As it stands we will be 70 adults and 23 children.
The quantities has been given through to the caterer but if there is any late comers that would still like to join the fires will be on standby.
Bring your meat and join in on the fun.

Just a few small admin details on the day:
The party starts from 9:00 onwards.
Father Christmas will be arriving at 11:00 so please, any gifts for the kids needs to be at the airfield handed in at the skyriders offices before 10:00 on Saturday.
Lunch will be ready by 13:00.

What to bring:
Own drinks

See you all on Saturday (^^) (^^) .

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